He's What's Wrong with Washington

He's Just Plain Wrong for Kentucky

Mitch McConnell has been in the U.S. Senate for 30 years. And while he first went to the Senate to represent Kentucky, now he just represents the worst of Washington.

BELTWAY MITCH: Washington’s top road block

As our government lurches from crisis to crisis…as our nation approaches the brink of fiscal collapse…as gridlock and dysfunction reach an all-time high…one man has done more than anyone else to stop both parties from fixing the problem: Beltway Mitch.

It was Beltway Mitch whose refusal to compromise resulted in sequestration — and now Kentucky will pay the price

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BELTWAY MITCH: Washington’s priorities — not Kentucky's

After 30 years in Washington, Beltway Mitch is deep in hock to extreme special interests. That’s why, instead of helping Kentucky’s middle class, he’s supporting an extreme budget that cuts taxes for millionaires and billionaires while forcing Kentucky families to pay more. McConnell’s Washington budget could:

(ABC Radio News, 3/12/13)

BELTWAY MITCH: He’s gone Washington, and he’s not coming back

It turns out that 30 years in Washington can really change someone. And Beltway Mitch has just plain lost touch with Kentucky families. How else can you explain that he stands in the way of:

* - (Protect America Act of 2007 authorized warrantless wiretapping)